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a hand holding a mouth guard

About Lief

Lief is a very small nighttime mouth guard that helps take the pressure off the most important points in your mouth, allowing your facial muscles to rest instead of stress while you sleep.

You’re not alone

If you’re experiencing chronic head and neck pain, you’re not alone. It’s highly probable your pain is caused by clenching and grinding your teeth at night, otherwise known as bruxism. Everyone does this to an extent, but for many people, this condition causes chronic inflammation of the muscle groups of your head, face, and neck. It is also often the cause of TMJ, ear pain, scalp tenderness, and in some cases, vertigo.

For Dentists

Lief was developed to help patients with their pain and to help them prevent grinding their teeth at night. As dentists, nothing is more rewarding than helping your patients. That’s why we offer Lief to dentist offices across the country. Simply contact us, and we’ll get an order headed your way.

  • Made using top of the line materials
  • All FDA-approved materials and techniques
  • Fitted perfectly to your patients
a doctor smiling
a woman and a child sitting on a couch laughing

For Patients

Lief is sold directly to dentist offices to ensure mouth guards are shaped perfectly to the wearer’s mouth. To get the relief you desperately need, talk to your dentist about Lief today.

  • Shaped perfectly to fit your mouth
  • Made by dentists specifically for patients
  • All FDA-approved materials and techniques
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“Lief has been a complete game changer! I feel so much better when I wake up in the mornings. There is no way I can sleep without my Lief!”

Scotty C.,Client Review

“I have suffered from migraines and vertigo my entire life, and Lief has literally eliminated them. I cannot tell you how much it has changed my life. And I sleep so much better as well!”

Kelley D.,Client Review

“The Lief is worth its weight in gold! Headaches, neck pain, and jaw fatigue all gone. It took only a short time to get inflammation out and all is great now. Thank you so much!”

Danny C.,Client Review